Workshop: An Introduction to Collage

Though I have incorporated collage into my artwork before now, Friday’s workshop on collage really sparked my interest. I found the tasks incredibly interesting and I felt my creations were successful overall. Taking photographs of my experiments instead of sticking them together with glue allowed progression and growth of my ideas, granting my curiosity the opportunity to explore alternative combinations of images. I thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with colour and proportion within the pieces, as well as the cutting/tearing technique of the individual elements of the collages. I found it particularly challenging to detach the idea of having a concept or story behind the piece that ties the content of the pictures together, as I have always been taught that everything I do should have meaning and explanation. It was this element of the task that I found the most difficult and though I tried to detach my previous guidelines for creating artwork, I feel that I subconsciously created some of my pieces to tell stories. Overall, I am very happy with the work I produced and I would love to experiment further with this aspect of creation.



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