Workshop: Sequence Task

In week 1, we were given a task named ‘Sequence’ with the following brief:

“Make a 16 frame sequence using fast/loose drawing to describe your journey from bed to studio. Decide which re the essential/significant frames. You must use all 16. No words to be used within frames.”

“Stage 1. Plan the content and the order of the frames using a written list of events.”

For this stage of the process, I played with a few ideas of how to illustrate my morning journey. My favourite idea was that I would use my hair to illustrate this movement through the morning, as I felt it was something that went through the most change throughout my morning routine and could most accurately display my journey from my bed to the studio. I wrote a list of ideas for what should go in each frame to ensure I had enough to cover 16 frames.

Ideas Notes

“Stage 2. Edit the sequence. Think about presenting the complete narrative as an interesting graphic form so there is variety throughout the narrative. Use changes in perspective, changes of scale etc.”

For stage 2, I planned out each frame carefully and tested drawing a few frames that I thought may be more difficult than others to draw for my final board of frames.


We were reminded to not “be precious about the drawings. Work with pencil and rubber to make changes easily.”

This is my final story board.

Home to Uni

The 16 frames were based on the following ideas:

1- Lying in bed, hair spread on pillow

2- Messy, post-waking up, pre-shower hair

3- Pre-shower, stretching in front of the mirror

4- Wet hair in the shower, close up

5- Close up of hands in hair, mid wash

6- Just out of the shower, hair wet and straight, steamy room

7- Hair twisted up in towel

8- Hair blowing in hot hair from hair dryer

9- Mid close up of hair being brushed from below, tension in hair on one side of brush and loose curls on the other

10- From above, brushing hair

11- Close up of hair styled, grips in side of hair

12- Hair ready to leave flat, straight, contrasting to next two frames

13- Mess of hair in whole frame, hair being blown and messed up in the wind of outside

14- In mirror in toilets at university, looking at messy hair created by the wind on the walk

15- Brushing hair again, this time from behind with mirror in front

16- Close up of side of head, ear visible, pencil behind ear ready to learn in the studio


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