Workshop: An Introduction to Illustrator

Illustrator basics poster2

Previous to beginning university, I had only briefly used Photoshop and had never used Illustrator. For this reason, I found the workshops on both incredibly useful. I enjoyed gaining a small insight into the galaxies of creative opportunities on both programmes and I am excited to explore and create in the future.

In the Illustrator workshop, Matt talked us through the process of creating a poster displaying facts and images about social networking. We covered techniques such as: the type tool; gradient fills in vector shapes; using text boxes; using opacity; importing external image files; using the ‘trace’ function; using statistical graphics to create a pie chart; creating a repeat pattern; using the brush tool; using text wrap.

Despite my poster being basic, I am very proud of what I have created. I cannot wait to see how my skills on Illustrator and Photoshop grow and progress, and I look forward to reminiscing on this poster in the future when I am capable of much more.


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