Constellation: Archeologies of the Unseen

Something that particularly interested me about my first constellation lecture was the theory that it is impossible to experience things just visually. This is a theory which has enough evidence and research behind it to be believed to be fact, however one which is incredibly thought provoking to me. This concept would have us believe that events associated with one particular sensory aspect can be experienced by more than one, if not all of the senses. The taste of the colour red, the appearance of the emotion anger, the feeling of perfume in the air; all experiences that are more commonly associated with different senses but are thought to be experienced by all. The act of drawing is arguably a process of observation and expression, in which the artist transfers experiences of the senses into an image on paper. This was tested in our lecture, in an experiment in which we all held a small object under the table and drew it purely based on what we could feel. We then looked at the object and drew it based on what we could see. My object was a small Spiderman action figure. While I failed to detect the detail of the character, I successfully drew the figure of a human with generally the right body build and proportion. Upon observation of the drawings of the whole class, we noticed that the blind drawing was significantly smaller than the image drawn from visual stimuli. I believe this was due to the confidence gained by being able to see the subject, as well as the difficulty in detecting size purely from feeling a small object in the palm of your hand.


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