Workshop: Cardiff in Typographic Letterforms

Early on a Tuesday morning, we met at Cardiff Castle to begin a search for three categories of letterforms around Cardiff centre. My team were searching for Script, Slab Serif and Nesting. It became quickly apparent that Script and Slab Serif were the easiest to find; Nesting appearing particular rarely. We collected around 30 examples around town through the morning.

Back at the studio, we were asked to choose one letter/collection of letters and draw it onto a piece of coloured card for a pop up exhibition only a few hours later. I chose the Script type used for the infamous Coca-Cola logo.

For the exhibition, we all hung our letterforms on the wall and they created a piece of art more impressive than I think any of us could have hoped for! The exhibition on the wall displayed a wide variety of categories of type in brilliant colour, conveying the range of beautiful type found on just a walk around Cardiff.



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