Constellation: Ambiguous Imagery


At first glance, this image could be perceived to be one of two things. Some may claim to see a monochrome drawing of a human skull, large and shadowed on the page, slightly off centre and perhaps slightly disfigured. Others may claim to envisage two women sat at a table, lit by candle light. Both interpretations of this image can be argued as correct, as if one tried to focus of both images at separate times, or at the same time. the combination of both images aiding each others creation can be seen. For some, the original image the found so clear at first may be blurred by the revelation that two are present, for others, the second image impossible to detect because of their clear observation of the first. Ambiguous images like these create (besides arguments!) interesting discussions of the differentiation in the mental and visual interpretive abilities of different people, supporting the theory that no two people experience anything in the same way.

While the image is ambiguous in the form that it raises questions of which of the two images is the most dominant, one of the two images itself is ambiguous. Is the young woman sat in front of a mirror, seeing her own reflection, surrounded by make up and lit by candle light? Or is she sat opposite another woman, enjoying food and drink, both lit by candle light? This ambiguity is something which in itself could be argued, adding depth to the confusion and intelligence of the image.


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