Workshop: Expressive Personality

For this task, I paired up with Joanne and we told each other a little about ourselves. We particularly focussed on personality traits that we possessed. After collating a list representing Joanne’s personality, I considered how I could present three of these in typographic logos, using the font itself to express the personality trait.

The first I decided to focus on was Joanne’s girly-girl personality, her interest in hair, make-up and shopping and her love of the colour pink. The idea quickly came to me to take inspiration from the infamous Barbie logo, and I tried to recreated this using Joanne’s name instead of Barbie.

I feel this design was successful, as it is recognisable as the Barbie logo font and therefore has obvious connotations of classic ‘girliness’ and femininity.


UPDATE: I drew over these logos using a 0.3 fine point drawing pen to emphasise the outlines.

joanne edited 1

The second logo I created was based on the fact Joanne said she can sometimes be dramatic. For this typeface, I wanted to use upper case, bold letters, replicating a similar font to that which may be used outside an old fashioned theatre or cinema. To achieve this, I made the letters serif in some places and added a curved edge detail. I also drew a second outline on the inside of the letter to add definition and attempt to create a more dramatic effect.

I feel that this logo was successful in conveying ‘dramatic’, and it is reasonably easy to see where my inspiration came from. To add more dramatic effect, I would outline my work with a black pen next time.


UPDATE: joanne edited 2

For my third logo, I used the personality trait ‘clumsy’. I attempted to make the letters themselves look like clumsy beings, beginning straight and in perfect formation and progressing to fall over each other, becoming more and more clumsy through the word.

If I were to do this task again, I would make the letters even more clumsy, perhaps falling below the baseline or lay on their side by the end of the word.


UPDATE: joanne edited 3


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