Animation: My Favourite Animations

Over the next two weeks, we are studying animation. This is a totally alien subject to me and while I have always been fascinated by the animation process, I have never attempted to make one myself.

Before considering my own animation and how to create it, I reflected on a few of my own existing favourites.

I loved John Kahrs ‘Paperman’ from the first time I saw it in the cinema in 2012. Not only is the storyline gripping, having you praying the man finds a way to the woman from the train platform, but I believe the colouring, the lack of speech and the romantic element adds to the endearing nature of this animation.

My family sat down together to watch ‘Creature Comforts’ every week when it was on television. Though we were always naively disappointed by how short the programme was (10 minutes), it is clear as I have developed a higher understanding, the intricacy and time required to create mere seconds of an animation of this kind.

This is the music video for Travis ‘Moving’. The official statement for the video reads: ‘The video is made up from a series of animations that are projected onto the bands breath, in real time using no post production, to give the effect of plucking shapes and figures out of thin air for an arresting visual accompaniment.’ I love this music video. The originality of this simple idea that is executed so well and creates something so beautiful will always be a favourite of mine.

Wendy presented one of her favourite animations: Paul Berry’s ‘The Sandman’. I had never seen or heard of this short film before but I found it incredibly dark and scary to watch. I was put on edge by the choice of audio, the slow and staggered movement of the characters and the palette of dark colours, shadows and lighting. The crafting of the characters themselves gave them an unnerving aesthetic, particularly the Sandman. His exaggerated movements and weightlessness as he bounded around the child’s room gave him an air of the supernatural, making him a feared character. It will be hard to forget this animation.



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