Animation: Planning my Animation

After thoroughly enjoying expressing my own take on Alice in Wonderland through the story book project, I decided to pursue it further here. I considered many different scenes from the book, some pivotal and some less important to the plot, but equally interesting. I mapped the emotions of each scene which could be heightened in my animation with the intention of moving the audience in some way, as the brief stated. I decided that, playing upon the craziness and absurdity of Alice in Wonderland, I would try to add a scary undertone and stir the emotion of fear. I wanted my audience to feel scared of what might be to come, but also to intrigued to look away.

The first scene I considered for my animation was the one in which the Queen of Heart’s condemns Alice to execution with the infamous phrase ‘Off with her head!’. I imagined designing my own Queen of Hearts, detached from previous film representations. After some deliberation I decided that this scene did not have enough potential for fear as I so desired, and I was finding it different to forget past presentations of characters and create my own version which bared no resemblance whatsoever.

I then considered a scene which is not directly shown in either the original book, nor any film representations. It is known in the Lewis Carroll novel that the reason for the Mad Hatter’s tea party always taking place at 6 o’clock is because Time punished the Mad Hatter and his guests to always live life at 6 o’clock – Tea Time! I thought I could play upon the punishment element of this scene and exaggerate the insanity of the Mad Hatter, eluding to the idea that the constant repeat of the time and his actions was driving him to madness. I came up with a few ways that I could express this and some rough storyboards, however I decided against this idea when I came up with another that I really wanted to pursue.

My chosen idea is an interpretation of the Mad Hatter’s tea party. I want to portray somebody laying out the food and teacups for the tea party. I want to use real photographs. In the frame, the audience will be able to see the scene being set from above. They will see only the hands of the person laying the tea party out. I want the hands to lay out plates, cups, saucers and teaspoons, jam tarts and white roses. Every few second at irregular intervals, flashes will appear on the screen. These flashes will be the same scene but with the colours altered. I want to try the scene in black and white, with high saturation, reversed colours and with the scene flipped in reverse and black and white. I also hope to relate the scene back to other parts of the story, and show the white roses as red in some of the flashes, corresponding with the Queen of Heart’s hatred of white roses.

I have decided to use iStopMotion, and I will take photos to then put together on iMovie to create my animation. iMovie has a minimum limit of 0.1 seconds to show each image, therefore my animation will be 10 frames per second. I want to create an animation that was at least 30 seconds long, so I needed at least 300 photos.



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