Animation: Reflection

Overall, I was very happy with my animation and proud of myself for what I created, especially having never attempted an animation before this project. The reaction from my peers was positive and seemed to create the intended emotion. I feel that my animation was a success, as it created the reaction that I intended when I showed it to my classmates in the final critique. iStopMotion is a programme that I have never used before, and so I felt proud that I manage to utilise it to create my planned animation. I was grateful of feedback from Wendy. She questioned my about the length of the flashes of edited images on the screen, created for an eerie effect. It was difficult to judge the length of time that these should flash on the screen after watching the animation the amount of times which I did whilst creating and editing. I very much enjoyed the process of creation for this animation and would’ve loved to have made more if I had had the time. Alice in Wonderland was the perfect novel to create an animation to, as it has so many imaginative scenes and such a range of emotions, allowing me to go down whatever path I wanted for my animation. The timeframe in which we had to create the animation was a challenge, as after workshops and introductory activities, we only had one week to create the animation. With only four editing suites and fifty in the class, this proved to be a struggle and I had to make sure I was completely prepared to take the photos and create my animation using iStopMotion in the time that I had been allocated through booking a suite, as others needed the suites before and after me. This has been one of my favourite projects of the term so far. I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to create something like an animation on a graphic communication course and I have never had the chance to explore this creative path before. For my project, I felt the use of real life objects and hands was perfect, however if I were to do it again I would stretch my abilities further and attempt to create something on Photoshop or using drawings.


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