Workshop: Placards

After Monday’s task of creating a placard, we were given a brief which detailed out project for the next four weeks. We were to create a campaign for a controversial topic and design five platforms of distribution for that project. Suggested platforms consisted of social media, posters, magazine adverts, flyers, t-shirts, masks, etc.

My group consists of Larissa, Laura, Will and Tom, and together we have decided to stick with out chosen topic of animals in captivity, and we have decided to fight against. We instantly began discussing which platforms we would each most like to create, and which we felt as individuals and as a team we could exceed at in creating. We collectively feel that a social media/website element is important as it is such a fast and easily accessible means of communication for viewing all across the world. We also feel that is important to cover a range of platforms to reach different audiences and so a digital element is important.

We discussed which other forms of communication we could utilise and we decided that television, a physical copy of information and a public poster would be ideal to cover all bases. We are also considering the idea of masks as we feel this would work particularly well with the theme of animals. We discussed the idea of having animals faces on the front of the mask and information about the animal on the back, in a ‘fact file’ kind of format. These facts would be consistent throughout the campaign and prove why animals are better off in the wild than in captivity. Tom suggested making an animation and seemed keen to be involved in the creative process. Larissa suggested a pamphlet for distribution which would include our campaign views and information about the animals. I was particularly interested in creating a poster, as I feel this could be a powerful visual for delivering a message.

We have chosen to utilise five animals for our campaign and create illustrations of these animals that were individual to our company. We have chosen to focus on an elephant, rhino, gorilla, tiger and panda. We have chosen these because, while they are all endangered, there are many reasons to support them being better off in the wild.

On the topic of our company identity and logo, Tom suggested the idea of using animals that are made up of geometric shapes for two reasons, 1) the geometric lines are resonant with the bars of a cage, 2) we want our animals to look unnatural, as we believe animals being in captivity is unnatural. We initially chose the name ‘Empty The Cages’, however Peta have already claimed this name for a campaign. We then chose ‘Freedom for Animals in Captivity’ which shortens to ‘FAC’.

Between us, we have decided as a rough start idea that Laura will create the website design, Larissa will design a pamphlet, Tom will design the animation, Will will design the masks and I will design a poster. While we have all been assigned key roles, we will help each other throughout the project and discuss all decisions as a group.



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