Campaign: Posters

On the first day of this project, we composed a range of phrases to support out argument. Phrases such as ‘kidnapping is wrong’, ‘lock away poachers, not animals’ and ‘save your money, don’t go to zoos’. I wanted to utilise these short, effective phrases for my posters. I created a colour scheme including all of the colours that we agreed to use for the project, also taking colours from Larissa’s animal mascots. I then experimented with background colour, font and size, playing around with the hierarchy on the posters. I wanted there to be at least one animal on each poster, hoping to perhaps create one poster for each animal to create a series.


These are some of the rough compositions I made early on, experimenting with colour, font and layout. I then experimented with different fonts and asked the group which they thought best suited the logo.

chalkdustercopperplateFAC logoherculanum

(Fonts: Herculanum, Copperplate, Chalkduster, Bordoni 72 Smallcaps)

We wanted a font that looked geometric to fit with our theme. Tom found a font online called Intro Regular and we all decided it was the best and most suitable for the logo and font.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 16.39.59.png

This is our logo:


It can be adapted to whatever is it placed upon, for example if it was on a black background, the colour of the text could be changed/if it was on an orange background the colour of the elephant could be changed.

These are my final posters:

rhino poster final jpegtiger poster

I really liked the rhino illustration and so was keen to include that into a poster. I think the more neutral shades of the first poster work well in portraying the kind, gentle nature of our campaign, and I feel the gun illustration that I created works well in portraying a poacher. I feel the phrase used (‘put poachers in cages, not animals’) is effective in highlighting a key belief of our campaign in a blunt and slightly humorous way.

The second poster needs more work in editing the edges of the tiger illustration. I am very happy with this poster. I wanted to create a poster using the tiger illustration as it is the only one using orange, and so the rest of the poster could be the more dull, monochromatic colours we selected. I wanted a dark background but not black, so I selected a dark purple/brown shade. To contrast with this I wanted light coloured writing to stand out against the background, however white appeared to bold and aggressive. I chose an off white/grey colour, as this made the text stand out while fitting with the gentle, friendly approach of our campaign. The quote used is one which Will found upon conducting research into animal rights campaigns, one which we felt was extremely suitable and fitting to our campaign and just had to use!


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