Interdisciplinary: Group Presentation

Monday 15th February was the deadline day for our collaborative projects. Each group presented the piece they had presented in the past week. We hung up our tapestry style piece and spoke about our ideas and reasons for our creation to the group. We discussed everyones pieces and ideas as a group, considering alternative possibilities and strong elements of the pieces.

On Tuesday, we were given a task to complete as a whole group. We were given the following words: Economics, culture, environmental, social.

We were asked to decide which of these was the most and least important when it came to creating a city for the future. We laid these decisions out on podiums, the highest podium being the most important and the lowest podium being the least important. We collated a theory that you need social elements in a society in order to work together in order to save the culture. We decided as a group that economics was the least important as none of our invisibly cities required money to function. We then used post-it notes to explain how we thought these ideas linked to our cities. We then used string to make links between the different cities. Some had similar values and means of survival, whilst others were wildly different. The string stretched across the room, linking the different elements of the different cities.

Looking back over this project, I enjoyed the brief and the experience of working with other disciplines. It can be frustrating to work in a group, particularly when members of the group are not as enthusiastic and willing to work and cooperate as others. It was a pleasant experience to work with people who were as easy to work with as Kaya, Jason and Jess. I enjoyed incorporating different elements of different disciplines, learning from my peers about their disciplines, and I also enjoyed working on more of a fine art kind of piece, as I have studied fine art in the past.


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