London: 4 Designers Conference

On Sunday 21st February, we travelled from Cardiff to London in preparation for the 4 Designers Conference the following day. Upon arrival at the Generator Hostel, I was pleasantly surprised at how design based and perfectly designed for students the Hostel was. It was perfect to get us thinking about design ahead of the Conference, whilst also relaxing and enjoying time with friends from the course. After an evening of exploring the surroundings and eating some good food, we headed back to the hostel for the evening.


Monday’s conference was thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring. One thing which was clear to me after the conference, and to others too, was that the conference helped me become 100% that this is what I want to do in life. Teamed with the past two terms of learning at University, the conference has made me feel the most motivated I ever have, inspired to be the best that I can be in order to create myself as a designer and stand out to employers and clients. I was particularly drawn to Carol Whitworth’s presentation. Her empowering way of speaking about designers and particularly encouraging way of speaking about young women in design left me feeling capable of succeeding as a strong designer in the future. I hope that, in my own career, I can have a fraction of the strength, confidence, wisdom, humour and success that Carol has now. I enjoyed her brutal honesty and her self belief and confidence – it was refreshing and inspiring to behold. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the work that This Is Home produce, and I loved the vibrancy of their work.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 16.52.25Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 16.52.59Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 16.52.49

I liked how playful Carol and her team were with type through this project, using typography to express what the posters actually said and the sentiment behind them. These ideas are very simple, but endlessly effective and clever.

Again, I enjoyed the use of colour in this project. I liked the idea that the different types of chocolate could be personified, so that the customer could fit themselves into a category and purchase a chocolate that represented them.

I enjoyed hearing all four speakers give their presentations and talk about the amazing work they have completed so far in their careers. I feel excited and motivated to get back to work at University and to put my all into everything I create!


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