First Things First: Manifesto

For the final three weeks of term, we are undertaking a project which begins with an introduction to the 1964 and 2000 First Things First manifestos.

For me, the underlying message is that designers should reclaim their craft, creating for the love of the art and not for purely financial gains. Whilst I agree that this is surely the dream for all designers (to not have to consider money as a factor in our work, to be financially stable and creating things we enjoy everyday as long as we wish) however I do not feel that this ideal is always possible and realistic. What I feel is more emphasised in the more recent manifesto, a more realistic concept, is the idea that we readjust the priorities of a designer both to create things that we enjoy but also for the purpose of improving the future. This could be through educational means, awareness of issues and dangers or campaigning for change. Both manifestos call for a reversal of priorities, to stop wasting talent on trivial purposes “which contribute little or nothing to our national prosperity” and instead to use our knowledge and talent to promote ideas that will make the future a better place.

I will keep my interpretation of the manifesto in mind as I conduct my research and come to create an A2 poster and web banner illustrating my views.



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