Design for Awareness/Design for Good

After reading the First Things First manifesto, it is clear to me that the message is a call to designs to design for good, not for convenience. I have research designs that I believe are created for education and for good, and these are a few of my favourites:

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 14.01.43

This design is for a suicide helpline. It features a series of suicide notes in their original form, alongside a version of them which is cut up and rearranged so that it reads a completely different message with a completely different tone and message. The tag line of the project is “inside every suicide there’s someone who wants to live”, showing how one tragic message can be turned around, using the words from the original to create a totally different message. This is metaphoric for representing the person writing the message, as the campaign is all about taking a suicidal person and helping them to remain themselves, keeping all their same elements and traits and just changing their perception of the world.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 14.06.502014-cannes-press-omo-3

This advert talks about the theme “dirt is good”, expressing how much fun children can have if they just replaced their games consoles with going outside and creating fun. Often nowadays, older generations express their sadness at the differentiation between their childhood activities and those of children today, after the boom of the technological age in recent years. This design sees ‘normal’ children’s games and activities replaced with emojis and small icons which have in some areas replaced human communication, particularly between children. I believe this design is effective in displaying the change in the way that children have been brought up and live their childhood and calls for a call to action to give children their childhood back, let kids be kids and teach them that “dirt is good”.

grey worldwide, mumbai. gold lion campaign

I liked this design that I found on the link below. It is made up of text explaining the joy of giving a child a toy they want and how quickly the charm wears off when it becomes incredibly annoying. I think this design is clever as the text sits in the shape of a battery, a battery removed from the toy to stop it being so annoying, with spaces left to make up the + and – signs. Though it is not exactly designing for good, it is humorous and clever, and I liked the creative typography.


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