Oded Ezer

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 17.28.21.png

The anarchic realms of Oded Ezer’s work prove him to be a designer who enjoys the enforcement of rules for the sole purpose of breaking them. Ezer’s disobedience towards social conformations and the general censored expectations for public exhibitions ensure that his work breaks boundaries, evolving into an entity for its own existence, consuming the observer into the message behind the image. Whilst the consensus of graphic design could be argued that messages are portrayed subtly, being registered subliminally, Ezer’s work aims to shock and inform often taking an obvious approach. This instant effect of the typographer’s creations engulf the observer, leaving them with echoing interpretations of the piece. The dichotomy of science and creation that he expresses so effortlessly pushes his typography into its own dimension of lettering, allowing the exploration of works of nature and mankind to combine harmoniously. The innovative wonderland in which Oded Ezer accesses the life inside inanimate objects to fabricate his work exposes him as an incredible thinker and an exceptional designer. Oded Ezer’s work captures both the sense of an artist who is able to transform that which surrounds him at a touch and a man who can also transform himself, eluding, fascinating and mesmerising us.

Oded Ezer inspires me to be a graphic designer. His innovative approach to design and typography astounds me and drives me to become a better artist, designer and observer of the world I live in, everyday. The myriad of interpretations his work creates engulfs my understanding of design, constantly and consistently proving that graphic design knows no bounds. Oded Ezer’s passion for his work translates through his pieces, making each and every one a product of a deeply manifested passion for art, and not simply a design brief that requires completion.



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