The Web – The Ultimate Propaganda Tool

“We don’t want governments in our Web! It’s a rhetoric-free platform! We populate it, for us and our interests! We don’t want it to be used to manipulate us! Sorry folks, it’s too late. It’s a hugely powerful tool. Of course they want to harness it. And they will.”

In fact, they already have. According to the website below, there were three main milestones in the development of propaganda: the printing press, WW2 and the Worldwide Web. Though the first two allowed propaganda to develop significantly, the most important of the three is clearly the WWW due to the fact that it offers techniques perfected in WW2 and of the print press, amongst many many more. As well as this, the web is an enormous trove of information, endless pages and web addresses of ideas to be absorbed by the viewer.

However, another argument raised is the credibility of this information. The web, whilst being the ultimate propaganda tool for the future has been criticised for being a library dominated by misinformation and untrue fact. An example of this would be the poster child of the Worldwide Web: Wikipedia. So commonly trusted as a quick source of fact, Wikipedia gives the most superficial understand of a topic as a result of being editable by almost anybody. This makes the internet a danger to genuine research and knowledge, as wrong and shallow information is so often understood as fact.

Despite the opposing sides to the argument, the internet is an enormous trove of information and is a powerful tool for distribution of ideas and information, propaganda, and credible information.


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