First Things First: Assembling Potential Compositions

After conducting lots of in-depth research into the future of graphic communication, I have collated and created some quote to consider using in my final poster.

“Design is an omnipresent juggernaut in our media-driven society” – the word ‘juggernaut’ appeared repeatedly throughout my research, describing graphic design as a strong force in society.

“We write reality”  “Designers are creators of contemporary reality” – this phrase was based on ideas in First Things First (revisited) by Rick Poyner who discussed how graphic design appears so incredibly frequently in our lives that  society has become numb to its wonders, becoming blind to the fact that some work of graphic designers is intact work of graphic designers and not just something that simply exists as a necessity. This has subsequently meant that graphic designers are so regularly discredited and under appreciated. This phrase argues my views that graphic designers are incredibly important, as it is they who create everything that we see, therefore creating the society that we live in and everything we know as reality.

“Remarkably touchy lot, designers” – I took this quote from an article I read concerning The Guardian’s reaction to the rebranding of the Premier League, in which they asked readers to re-redesign the brand as “they could do better”. When this sparked outrage from graphic designers, The Guardian responded with another article, giving the above quote.

“Complex, but not complicated” – I liked how this quote referred to designs which are so often given the phrase “simple but effective”. I felt this way whilst browsing through De DesignPolitie, who feature on their website the tag line “turning complex stories into iconic visuals”.

“I challenge graphic designers to never go away” – I found this quote whilst reading an article written by a passionate graphic communicator, asking other communicators to remain strong in their field and keep producing exceptional work in order to hopefully one day in the future gain the recognition we so deserve.

I discussed my phrases with David and we decided that the idea of “contemporary reality” being created by designers was a concept that I may want to spread to designers everywhere to reassure them of their importance to society and empower them for the future. I decided to alter the phrase from “designers are creators of contemporary reality” to “we are the creators of contemporary reality”, to create a sense of togetherness and unity between graphic designers. In preparation for creating my duotone A2 poster, I began experimenting with colour on some images that I was considering for the composition of the piece.

This was experimentation done on an image I found on the Tate Modern website. It was taken from an Olafur Eliasson exhibition called Weather Project, 2003-2004. I wanted to use these photos to illustrate the importance of graphic communication to society, as the sun is to the earth. In the original photos, the colours are vibrant and warm, the sun bright and powerful. Whilst I enjoyed the tie-dye effect of the floor after my colour experimentation, nothing compared to the original image, and I began to look elsewhere for inspiration.




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