First Things First: Photograph Experimentation

After experimenting with and later discarding my idea of using Olafur Eliasson’s Weather Project photograph for the image element of my poster, I decided to take some photographs of my own to play with.

I pondered my chosen phrase for a while and, I must admit, struggled with imagery to perfectly visualise it’s message. The strongest idea I came up with was to use hands, a powerful visual in themselves to demonstrate creation and control, and to add a personal element. I took some photographs of my brother’s hands:

and chose to work with the following, as I liked the areas of light and shade, and the visibility of the palms.


I then experimented with duotone.

I liked all of these colours together, but none stood out to me as working well for a poster. I really loved the bottom right thumbnail, inspired by The 1975 promotional campaign for there latest album, however, I would like to be more experimental with duotone and use two completely different colours, not just different shades.


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