First Things First: Expressive Typography

For the typographic element of my poster, I wanted to explore not only different typefaces that would visualise what it was that the words were saying, but different ways of creating type aside from just using the computer and researching fonts.

The 1975 are a popular band with a very particular artistic personality and attitude. Their latest album has transformed their entire brand, introducing bright colour and most noticeably, overloads of pale pink which contrasts with their first album which had everything from music videos to album covers to promotional photographs in black and white. The below pictures were released in the build up to the album release, one for each song name on the album. Each features the song name in pink neon lights in a suitable setting for the lyrics of the song. I think this photo series are beautifully simple and powerful, particularly after listening to and understanding an interpretation of the songs. I love the neon light writing that has become a recognisable trait of their brand, and feel that it would work well in the place of a typeface for words with connotations of strength, power and talent. As my poster is about trying to empower graphic communicators, I would like to explore this option for type as I feel it would represent what the words mean to have them in bright lights.

I researched neon light writing online. I looked up ordering my own, making my own, how to replicate it on photoshop and also for online generators. I used my phrase to visualise what this idea would look like and if I still liked it.

Whilst I liked all of these examples and I still love the idea of neon light art, I want to explore different ways of generating text for my poster.

Scan 9Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 16.25.15

With a background of fine art, I am always keen to create pieces using paint, ink and whatever else I can find to then be scanned into my work. I decided to explore online for a typeface which I could replicate using brush pens and ink for the word “creators”, which I felt was one of the words in my phrase which I could play around with most. I wanted to create the word using this technique to show the craftsmanship in graphic design, the reality of, whether create on computer or by hand, there is a person behind the work, hands applying the craft they are so passionate about. I wanted only a small amount of ink of my brush to create organic shapes of the letters and the negative space left where the ink did not show up on the page. I scanned the above word and the ‘s’ I preferred into photoshop and began playing with colours.



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