First Things First: Web Banner

For the second part of the project, I had to create an alternative platform to promote my idea. I decided that, as the most fast and accessible platform of today, a web banner would be most appropriate for distributing my message, especially as it is aimed at graphic communicators who are so often stereotyped as computer whizzes.

I experimented with different web banners in both portrait and landscape formats. I formed what began as the main visual on the banner, a rearranged version of my main poster phrase. I was not happy with this and wanted to make my web banner different to my poster, whilst still following the same theme. I then developed a formation of the words of the main phrase on my poster, to feature on my web banner so that it is clear that both platforms are of the same project. I also used exactly the same colour theme. I decided to take the most dynamic and important phrases from my small contextual paragraph and use those as the main attraction on the web banner, using the same fronts and colours from the phrase on the poster. After originally designing landscape web banners, I decided to experiment with portrait web banners and decided this worked best.

This is my final web banner:



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