First Things First: Changes and Reflection

After receiving feedback from David on my First Things First project, I have made changes to my poster and web banner and feel much happier with them now. The overall look was very dark and dull, so I lightened the overall look. My subtext paragraph did not completely relate to the overall message of my poster, and so I believe I have changed this suitably. I added a subheading and played around some more with hierarchy, colour and font styles.

The subtext reads:

“So here’s the thing, design is everywhere. It is so everywhere that the registration of it’s presence becomes subliminal, often leading to an under appreciation of the hard work that went into it’s creation. But that’s okay. As designers, we need to step out of the shadows, grasp our work tightly in our hands and throw it out into the world, proudly shouting “I created this, for all of you!” Because that’s the reality. The reality we created, and are still creating. Designers create all that surrounds us: trends, society, reality.”

I feel much happier this these final designs. These are much more eye-catching and pleasant to look at than the previous designs I had submit and feel they would be much more successful as designs in the real world and for the purpose for which I was create. I really enjoyed this project overall, and I found it enjoyable to design for a purpose that I feel incredibly passionate about. I feel it was very helpful to begin with the First Things First manifesto, as this gave me a starting point and something to contextualise my work and refer back to in times of mental block. It also drew my attention outside of university, as an aspiring designer and I feel as though it was an important and pivotal thing for me to read at this point in my life, despite the fact it is aimed at practising designers who may have lost sight of what is the most important thing when it comes to your career. It has opened my mind to the reality that almost everybody needs design, and everything is design. For this reason, it is an incredibly important practise and we as designers are needed to make modern society work. However, the necessity of our craft can leave us under appreciated, taken advantage of, and creating the most trivial and underwhelming work. Design is a key element of education, information, projection of ideas and social change. It is important to keep in mind what is important and how I can use what I know to teach, educated, help those who need it and send out positive messages. Though I already feel that I know the weight of having no money, happiness should motivate your work.


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