Editorial 2: Thomas Edison

This publication about Thomas Edison and the War of the Currents” was published in February 2014. I was drawn to it because of its colour scheme, use of multiple typefaces and experimental layout.


These pages seem to not follow any kind of grid system, or, if they do, an intricate one. Despite this, I admire the faint grid that covers the paper in various levels of visibility, giving the illusion of grid systems and grid paper. I am intrigued by the band of yellow that lines each page at one edge of another and the complete lack of symmetry. I particularly like the range of typefaces used for each aspect of text, as I feel this adds voice and personality. A particular interest of mine is including hand drawn elements to digital work, and I am drawn to the aesthetic of the words “PATENTS” “MONEY” ELECTROCUTION” and “GOODBYE TOPSY”, that look as though they have been drawn or painted, thought they may not have been. For me, this publication is experimental and contemporary, pushing the boundaries of what an editorial publication should look like and include.


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