Editorial: Briefing

This morning, our final project of the year commenced with a briefing. We are required to craft a piece of editorial design surrounding a particular topic, using typography, image making, conceptual development and story-telling to create an effective interpretation and communication of the ideas in the article.

Through this project, I hope to develop my ability to use grid systems and typographic hierarchy. I also wish to explore paper stocks and printing techniques in order to achieve a professional finish. I hope to take my own photographs and create my own illustrations to correctly convey the message that I choose to portray within the boundaries of the article given.

I have been looking through the 10 articles to choose from for my editorial piece. After discarding a few instantly that I had no interest in, I am considering “Donald Trump Explains All”, “In a Perpetual Present”, “The Deadly Global War for Sand” and “This Changes Everything”. While I feel the Donald Trump article would be fun to assemble, it may be difficult to remove personal opinion and eliminate the possibility of biased imagery. “In a Perpetual Present” is an incredibly fascinating and moving article, however I am struggling to visualise how I could accurately portray the article through imagery. I am finding the article about the “War for Sand” particularly thought provoking. The dark brutality and unfathomable fear in the article may grant me the possibility to play with colour, type and imagery. I imagine a spread for “This Changes Everything” to be clean and beautiful, efficient and neat, whilst still conducting the urgency and desperation of those trying to reverse climate change and urging others to do so also.

It would be an understatement to say I am having a hard time choosing one article as I would love to create so many.



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