Workshop: Creative Thinking

I would agree with a statement made today that “you cannot turn creativity on and off”. Creativity may hit you in the shower, in the night, whilst sitting on the bus or in the pub, on a run, or at work. I think it would be fair to say it can strike whenever, and will most likely be scarce when you most desperately need it. As a result of this, we have been given 10 creative thinking techniques to explore for use in future projects to avoid the dreaded creative block.

My group was given “The Lotus Blossom Technique” to explore. We discovered this is essentially a more structured and in depth mind map allowing you to generate 64 new ideas. It requires you to consider what is needed to create your final outcome before mind mapping these elements to explore them more deeply, individually.


For our project, the core word might be “editorial project” and the letters A-H “typography”, “page layout”, “imagery”, “paper”, “binding technique”, “size”, “font” and “colour”. Branching from each of these would be another mind map, the each letter A-H in the centre and ideas and possibilities branching off.

I believe that this is a great way to generate many different ideas and possibilities whilst also perhaps being able to see how they might work together and formulate whole concepts on one page. It allows you to create an in depth exploration of not only the project on a whole, but specific elements of the whole piece. I will definitely use this technique in my work and I look forward to learning about the techniques that other groups have explored.


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