Workshop: One-day Editorial Project

Today we had the challenge of a one-day editorial project in which we were given a phrase and had to produce a ‘zine’ for it. First we explored some existing ‘zines’ in order to understand the general process of manufacture, typical layouts and creative processes that go into the finished product. We found that a lot of photocopying is typically used in the making of a zine so that many copies can be produced for a small cost. For this reason, we are restricted to using only monochrome images and we will be printing onto coloured paper.

Our group’s phrase was “Brutalist Architecture”. Never having heard this phrase before, we investigated the term on the internet. We discovered that “Brutalist Architecture” buildings are created from a combination of concrete and brick, are generally large buildings of a range of shapes and often have a lot of windows which look very small in comparison to the building itself. We decided to focus on giving information about the origin of Brutalist style buildings, giving examples on each page displaying the rang in their appearance.

Overall, after a quite stressful day of coming up with, and then scrapping ideas and a lot of trial and error, we came up with 4 final double pages for our zine.

Everyone’s work looked fantastic on the wall and it was great to be able to see each group’s work on the wall and hear them talk about their creative decisions.


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