Editorial: Initial Ideas

After deciding on ‘The Deadly Global War for Sand’ as my chosen article for my editorial project, I went through the article again and noted down imagery and ideas that stuck out to me. The image of Paleram Chauham’s “orange door of a two story brick and plaster house” was a powerful in my mind, and after being inspired by editorial pieces I observed in my research, I was particularly interested in using coloured paper/backgrounds to print my project on. The strong colours mentioned in the text, with connotations of the heat of the weather and the organic, earthy colours of the sand, would be interesting to explore through the aesthetic of the piece.


I originally looked at creating a front page, 2 double spreads and then a back page. I began to explore ideas to develop for the front page. I was intrigued to investigate the possibility of cutting into the front page so that an image could be seen through the text, however after some thought and research into these types of editorial pieces, I decided against it, as the cutting of the text would directly affect the following spread, as the cut text would be backwards on this page.


I had lots of initial ideas for the front page, so I sketched some quickly for further exploration. I knew I wanted the title of the editorial on this page, and felt that the title given in the original article was suitable and effective. It is the perfect title to express what the article is about, whilst seeming unusual and ambiguous, as one would not expect there to be a war regarding such a common and harmless thing as sand. I looked at using an image of a sandcastle to contrast with the idea of a ‘deadly war’, on the cover. On the above picture, the third from the left on the top row shows an idea involving the cutting of a bold type so show an image underneath. The sketches on the bottom row show an idea where I considered applying an image or texture to the type, instead of a colour and instead of cutting out the type to show an image through. The top left idea involved photoshopping images of bullet holes onto a red background to give an idea of violence and war.

I became attempting to create some of these ideas on photoshop, to see how they would look.

After my first group meeting with David and my peers, we discussed my ideas so far and I showed the things I had created. We talked about trying something more subtle for the first page, playing on the idea of ambiguity and juxtaposition between the ‘deadly war’ and the sand. I then decided to explore the concept of creating 3 double page spreads instead of 2 doubles and 2 single pages instead.


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