Editorial: Applying Improvements

After the final critique, I began applying changes and improvements to my work. I was aware that what I had presented was not a final product, and though I liked what I had created, I felt more that it was on the way to being something good rather than already there.

The above spreads were what I presented. The first spread (L-R) the centred text was too simplistic, and I feared that the image was not high enough resolution to print well. It was very basic, and I wanted to attempt something more complicated with imagery. The second spread contained far too much text and did not contain a title and subtitle. However, I liked the white background with the black border and red quotes. I also liked the windmill image but, again, wanted to attempt something more complex with imagery. The third spread was, in my opinion and in the opinion of others that I spoke to, the closest to finished, however it was discussed and agreed that this spread should come first, naming the article ‘Sand is everywhere.’ If this spread was to open the article, it needed a subtitle, stand first and perhaps more call-outs, to split up the heavy body copy.

I began developing these changes and playing around with designs and ideas. I experimented with different coloured backgrounds and which images looked best on each colour. I tried to experiment further with image, using the pinwheel photograph repeated around the edge of spreads to create a more interesting¬†border. I felt that this was too thin and it wasn’t easy to tell what the border was made up of, and so I also experimented withering some windmills overlapping the inner white rectangle, not confined by the border. I felt this idea worked well, as it created an interesting border, visible imagery and white space. I tried lots of different ideas on the black background. Through experimentation, I found that the windmills worked best on a white background, whilst the hand image definitely worked best on black.



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