BrandWorld: Introduction to Naming

Almost every existing company name can be categorised into one of the ten groups giving insight into how the name came about. The categories are:

Descriptive Names: ‘pizza hut’, ‘Toys ‘R’ Us’, ‘British Airways’

Acronyms: ‘IKEA’, ‘BBC’

Associate Names: ‘Google’, ‘twitter’

Evocative Names: ‘Innocent’, ‘Go Ape!’, ‘O2’

Invented Names: ‘Kodak’, ‘Xerox’, ‘Aviva’

Founder Names: ‘Ben & Jerry’s’, ‘McDonalds’, ‘Disney’

Place Names: ‘Evian’, ‘Fujifilm’

Esoteric Names: ‘Tango’, ‘Egg’, ‘Goldfish’

Latin, Greek or Mythological Names: ‘Nike’, ‘Ambrosia’, ‘Volvo’

Heritage Names: ‘Friendslife’, ‘Clerical Medical’, ‘Scottish Widows’

For the naming of my fruit and vegetable cafe, I initially mind mapped some names and put them into the above categories. I wanted something quite silly and humorous, not serious or highly sophisticated so to fit the target audience of students and informality.

I came up with ‘Top Banana’, ‘Melon-cauli’, ‘Narna’ and ‘La Pina Piripi’ (the tipsy pineapple in Spanish) whilst playing with a few different ideas for a unique selling point. Many of my ideas, including ‘Top Banana’ and ‘Melon-cauli’ actually already existed as fruit and vegetable shops or cafes, which ruled them out. Latin, Greek and Mythological names didn’t feel appropriate for my brand, as I want a brand value to be that the food is fresh and locally sourced. This meant ‘La Pina Piripi’ was now less appropriate; more suitable perhaps for a cocktail bar. I went with ‘Narna’ because I felt it was informal and worked for my target audience. I felt it gave a designer room to experiment with different levels of sophistication, as I pictured it as a vibrant and fun place for students but could also be a quirky, independent student cafe.


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