Brandworld: Being the Client

I am looking forward to being the client in a project, designing a brief and job bag and then seeing what one of my peers creates for my company’s brand. I got given the category ‘fruit and veg shop’, which I have been researching and developing in order to create a company which needs branding. During my week as the client, I have been developing my company in order to form a job bag which will include:

Company Name & Proposition: 

My company name is ‘Narna’ and it is a student cafe/diner using almost only fruit and vegetables to create vibrant and tasty dishes, specialising in breakfasts, healthy snacks and desserts. I knew I wanted to aim my company at students when I thought about who may benefit most from a fruit and veg based shop, knowing that families generally already have a reasonably good fruit and vegetable intake and it is students who lack most in this category. Being a student myself, I loved the idea of a diner serving affordable healthy dishes to encourage people like myself and my friends to eat healthily, as I understand that this is difficult to maintain when you move out. My unique selling point is that my company will use completely edible/biodegradable utensils and bowls, in order to ‘minimise washing up’ (mirroring student life) and also to do good by the environment. I found a company attempting to gain the money to kick start their 100% natural, biodegradable, rice and wheat utensils and thought this would be a great thing to incorporate into my hypothetical company to instil the values that I wanted to be portrayed.

The background of my company was that it was a family run cafe started up in Birmingham, a city brimming with 65,000 students across 5 universities. The founders now want to expand to other student populated cities such as Cardiff, Sheffield, Manchester and Liverpool due to high demand after gaining a large social media following.

The proposition I have written to go into the job bag is as follows:

‘Narna’ is a diner in Birmingham town centre named after the most frequently used ingredient on our menu; banana. It was opened in 2014 by two sisters and it is a small family business, hiring only a few employees and an expert pastry chef. The idea was born out of a conversation about student life and finding inventive ways to avoid washing up and other household chores. The sisters decided to use only the fruit and vegetables themselves to serve the food, using fruits such as coconuts, hollowed melon and dragon fruits to serve the food in, and edible, eco-friendly, biodegradable cutlery made from a blend of rice, wheat and flours of jowar. The diner was created for students to enjoy affordable healthy meals where you can eat quite literally everything on the table, leaving customers happy and energised and staff with minimal washing up! The sisters want their customers to enjoy eating healthily as they understand this is hard to maintain as a student. ‘Narna’ specialises in breakfasts and desserts, the menu featuring fruit and vegetable salads, smoothie bowls, sorbets and ice creams. The atmosphere in the diner is always vibrant and positive, manifested in everything from the music played to the choice of furniture and décor. The only ingredients used are an enormous variety of fruits and vegetables, and the occasional use of chocolate, nuts, cheese and dressing. ‘Narna’ has a large social media following and to satisfy demand, are hoping to open up more diners in other highly student populated cities.

Brand Values

An obvious brand value for ‘Narna’ was that it is eco-friendly and environmentally friendly throughout. It is a family run business so I wanted it to feel like a friendly environment. In order to attract the target audience, I knew it had to be affordable food, and to keep up with food standards and to be of a high quality, the food had to be fresh.

  1. To encourage healthy eating in students.
  2. Eco-friendly by using edible/bio-degradable bowls, plates and cutlery.
  3. Positive and friendly environment.
  4. Affordable fresh food.

Target Audience and Persona

The target audience for ‘Narna’ is students. I created a persona for the designer to be able to understand the ideal consumer. I used the six categories of behaviour to create my persona.


When researching existing fruit and veg/smoothie cafes, I found most to involve the colour white on their websites and in their cafes, presumably to evoke the idea of cleanliness and health. Most logos/signatures use one vibrant colour. As the name of my company is ‘Narna’, taken from banana, I used a lot of images of banana leaves on my moodboard as ideally these would feature in the design of the cafe and somewhere in the branding. The company’s food would be vibrant and bright and so I would want the interior design of the restaurant and the branding of the company to be bright and vibrant too.


Completed Design Brief

Finally, I had to fill out a design brief for the job bag, outlining exactly what my company does and what they want from the designer.



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