BrandWorld: Designing the Brand

Using my hand drawn sketches, I began putting ideas together on illustrator. I knew that I was going to first try out the colours that the client had requested, and if I felt that those didn’t work I would contact her and discuss changes that needed to be made. I began by setting up a document with a business card and made a second document to experiment with type and marks. I knew I wanted to combine two different type faces, one professional and traditional, possibly sans serif and in all capitals and the other a fluid calligraphy type font. I was keen to hand write the calligraphy font using my tablet, and this took a long time to get right. I applied a brush to it to gain some weight in some places and a lighter and thinner look in others. When enlarged or made smaller, this brush looks different and so I will have to spend a lot of time perfecting this on each element.


I played around a lot with different typefaces for the ‘Taylor-Made’ part of the name and have decided on Gurmukhi MN as I feel it is the professional typeface I wanted but also has parts of a lighter and heavier weight, which the handwritten part of the name also has. I also began developing a mark to go with the signature. I drew the piece of cake you can see above, and have applied it to the work I have created to see how it would look.

Below is the first business card design I put together on illustrator and I am happy with it. I think the colours I have used teamed with the striped effect (mimicking the stripes of a beach deckchair) give the friendly impression the client desires, while the typefaces used restore professionalism and sophistication. Though the colours are typical gender colours, using both means that the brand is aimed at anybody getting married, since anybody can get married. I like the simplicity of this business card as I didn’t want it to be packed with information and writing, especially as it will be so small in size when printed. I want to work on this business card more and play with the hand written ‘tiers’, as I am not happy with how the ‘e’ has filled in on this particular touch point due to resizing. I have used ‘sweet treats for your special day’ as a tag line to make it clear what service the brand is offering as I don’t feel it is completely clear just from the name ‘taylor-made tiers’. The reverse of the card is even more clear, stating ‘wedding cakes and confectionary’ and featuring the piece of cake mark.


I then went on to create other touchpoint. As the cake shop is in Lyme Regis, near the sea, the client asked me if I could design a boat sail as this would be seen as people walk around the dock. I experimented with using the piece of cake design as a pattern on the sail, to keep with the theme of the brand created so far in the business card but looking slightly different. On the image below left, I made the two sides of the sail similar to the two sides of the business card with the added detail of a low opacity blue cake on the blue stripes. I feel this one is effective but would like to add something to the blue striped sail as it looks quite empty currently. The middle image was an experimentation with the cake mark using different variations of the blue and pink to create a pattern which is more interesting and vibrant to look at. The right image is sticking with the exact pattern of the business card. I feel this is effective too however I would like to create a brand which is consistent throughout though not the exact same.

The next thing I created was a flyer. The four variations below are ideas for potential flyers. The below left image uses the same coloured cake pattern as one of the above. The text was put in to give an idea of how the background would look with text over the top. I feel this worked well but I would like to edit the colours slightly and there are some technical issues with the cakes I need to change. The next image along is much more simple and I feel is more effective. I like the silhouette of the tiered cake and this works well as a mark, and I may potentially use this as a mark instead of the cake to tie in with the tiers element of the name, however I am going to currently pursue the idea of the piece of cake as I feel this is more original and less over used than the tiered cake idea. I like the look of the right justified text and the image on the left of the page. I think the simplicity of this flyer works well. The two flyers below that are examples of the front of a potential two-sided flyer. I feel both word well and are a success in advertising a wedding cake brand, so I will need to speak to my client and ask which they prefer and what feedback they have for me.

Below is a design of a t-shirt for staff in the wedding cake shop. I am happy with this t-shirt however would like to create more before the deadline. I have created this one as an example to show Ian in the review.


The last touchpoint I have begun to develop is a cake box that the pieces of cake can be put into for the wedding guests to take their cake home. I drew up some nets for boxes and began loosely applying the brand but this needs a lot more work. Cake boxes is a relevant touchpoint for this project and so it is something I want to develop much further. I have created these incredibly basic designs to show Ian the direction I am going in, and that I am trying to go above and beyond what the client has asked for, as this particular touchpoint was not specified on the brief.

I am very happy with what I’ve done so far though I realise I have a lot more to do. I want to develop my ideas much further as well as try out another of my initial ideas to trial a different aesthetic of brand to see how it compares with this one. I would ideally like to present my client with a number of completed brand options so that she can see the brand on a whole and how it works across a number of touchpoints and can then decide which she sees most appropriate for her wedding cake shop.


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