BrandWorld: Feedback

Feedback is always useful when designing anything, as it can be easy to see something as legible and recognisable when you are the one that has created it. After receiving feedback today, I feel in a much stronger and more confident position to go on and further develop my branding project for ‘Taylor-made Tiers’. There are a few things in particular I have taken away from the session and will be considering in my work as it progresses. The first is that Ian thought the hand written element of my brand name was too difficult to read. Obviously I disagree, but this is something I will need to look at and adjust to be more clear as I continue to develop this project. The second was that the piece of cake could look more like a piece of cake if the icing was filled in in a block colour. I agree with this and it is something I had thought about doing myself, however I had wanted to create a number of touchpoints first to give an idea of where my project was going, and perfect details after feedback. The third was that I need to have a set colour scheme, especially if I am going to use the pattern of multiple pieces of cake in a variation of colours and shades of blue and pink. To do this I can use online tools like Adobe Kuler in order to come up with a scheme that works well together and compliments my existing colours of blue and pink. I will continue to develop my project until the deadline in December, asking my client and others for advice as it progresses and hopefully creating something which meets all the values and requirements of the client.


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