S4C: Briefing & Group Meeting

After a fast and information packed briefing from S4C on Monday, there was a lot to do and a lot to think about. Our first group project of this year, I was hopeful that I would be in a  group which would work hard and strive to succeed, as this project came with an element of competition. S4C is a Welsh broadcasting company and were asking us to design their St David’s Day advertisements for March 1st 2017 – the best will be developed with their team and will be featured on their channel on next years St David’s Day! My team did not disappoint. With Nia, James, Anne and Zach on our team, I knew I was part of a motivated and talented group of people. We planned our first meeting to discuss initial ideas ready for a review with Ian. In the time between the briefing and our first meeting, we agreed we would all conduct research into S4C, television broadcasting, St David’s Day, Welsh traditions and potential ideas for our presentation to S4C in November.


During our next meeting, we all presented research we had conducted and shared initial ideas. We all agreed that we wanted to emphasise the idea of family, because St David’s Day is a feast day celebrating being Welsh with the people you love. We decided on an idea Nia presented and then discussed and adapted it as a group. We chose an idea which featured a young and an old character. We wanted the audience to see them making Welsh cakes together before placing them on a table with other Welsh delicacies and enjoying a feast of food. The point was not that they were making Welsh cakes but that the tradition of St David’s Day food and important elements of Welsh culture are being passed down from the older character to the younger one. The focus would not be on the process of making the Welsh cakes but more on the hands which are doing the making, showing a contrast between the older person’s hands and the child’s hands.



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