Virtual Collaboration: Site Analysis

At this point, we have now chosen both of our sites ready to analyse and send over to the Egyptian students. For our walking speed site, we have chosen an open area in the centre of town, and for the fast speed site we have chosen a bridge over a railway near the Taff trail. For our site analysis and to give the Egyptian students a feel for the place without visiting themselves, we took videos, photographs and wrote descriptions. Mahira is an Egyptian exchange student studying Architecture on our team, and she has been a fantastic help in teaching myself and Connor how to create the things we otherwise would not be able to without the knowledge of an architecture student. Without tutorials about the software we have been told to use, Mahira has stepped up to help us and has helped us create sophisticated maps of the area and sun paths – something I didn’t even know about until this project!

We have pretty much finished with this part of the project – we have completed the analysis that has been asked of us and are now awaiting to hear from the university in Egypt. In the mean time, we have been adding to our bank of analysis by finding new ways to analyse the sites in order to gain more detailed information, and I have begun compiling our work so far into a presentation ready for both the Egyptian student and the final deadline before Christmas.



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