S4C: Pitching

Ahead of our pitches next week, Ian and Owen reminded us of some important things we should remember. It is obviously essential to remember who we are pitching to, and in this case the client is S4C and their representatives. It is also essential to know exactly who your audience is, which is different to the client. S4C’s regular audience is 40-60 year olds, however for this St David’s Day special they want to appeal to all ages. We should use narrative, personal stories and anecdotes in order to try to connect with the audience. On our team we have James and Nia who are both Welsh and have their own personal stories from their childhood that they will be able to share. We have been reading the brief throughout every step of our brainstorming and designing process in order to get our heads around exactly what we have to do and to make sure we don’t miss anything out. We will do this again before the presentation. We should aim to have clarity in both the visual and verbal presentation so that it is clear what we are presenting. It is important to pre-empt potential client questions and build the answers into the presentation, the aim being that the clients can think of nothing left to ask because they presentation has been so informative. Rehearsing the pitch will be essential so that we know exactly what each person is going to say and so that we don’t leave anything out. Ian and Owen’s final piece of advice was to be honest, open and positive.

We should address why our solution works, how it relates to the brief and how it will connect with the audience. We should also leave the clients something to remember our idea so that they can look over it alongside the other nine groups when selecting the shortlist of ideas.


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