S4C: Second Review

This morning was our second review with Ian, following the review last week with both Ian and Owen. I think it would be fair to say we are feeling slightly deflated in comparison to last week. After last week’s successful meeting in which both seemed to like our idea, calling it current with relevant and appropriate themes of family and tradition, our work seemed to far less than impress this week. Since our last meeting, we had recorded music for the background of longer pieces of film which required music, drawn a more detailed storyboard and Nia had taken some photographs and film footage of herself making Welsh cakes, which she edited into a animatic so show how the shots and angles will work for the real thing. The point was made in the meeting last week that we should remember that this is not an advert for Welsh cakes, and so we decided to make the idents less about the actual process of making Welsh cakes and more about the idea of traditions being passed down, and family coming together. Our concept is based on themes of family and together, focussing around a grandparent teaching their grandchild traditions of St David’s Day. Through including these two generations and showing them learning things from each other, we felt we achieved the ’21 Century Wales’ aim. While we are happy with our idea and are enjoying working on it, it has been brought to our attention by classmates that there are multiple groups including Welsh cakes in their concept, meaning the tutors are increasingly seeing the idea as unoriginal and boring.

There are many things that are difficult about working in a group, even a cooperative group. The work produced in a group is almost never what you would have chosen to do individually, and there is far less room for wild creativity as you have to consider in the various opinions of the people you are working with. In a group, the abstract, crazy, wild ideas are much more often disregarded by one person or another, in the search for an idea that everyone can agree on. When an idea is found that everyone even remotely likes, this is the idea you have to run with in order for every team member to cooperate fairly. It is very difficult to coax people to work on a project they have no belief or interest in. Therefore, I find most often, ideas generated in a group environment rarely demonstrate a personal style or flair as is it difficult to capture the personal style of five individuals. This is probably why I felt quite hurt to hear that our idea had been described as unoriginal and boring when our group has been working so well together, surely one of the main aims of the project. As a naturally bossy and headstrong person, I am all too often the person who picks up the jobs that others are slacking on or not bothering with within a group setting, overloading myself with work so as to avoid my sort of fear of failing. This leads me away from the dreaded ‘failure’, but also into a pit of stress and overwork. It has been clear to see this year how much more cooperative the groups I have been placed in for various projects have been, and how motivated people are. It has been enjoyable to work with people who are as headstrong as myself, motivated and driven to succeed and full of talent and good ideas.

I hope that we can restore the originality to our project with our pitch to Ian and Owen on Monday and to the S4C representatives on Wednesday.

After our meeting we gathered and decided it would be best to collate what needs to be done and distribute it amongst the group accordingly. We decided that we needed to decided exactly what was going to make up every single element of the project and take experimental photographs. We also needed to photoshop these photographs with the appropriate logo over the top to see how they would work within the S4C guidelines of branding. We needed a more detailed and better drawn storyboard which we could leave with the S4C representatives so that they can understand our idea even when we are no longer there to explain. We then need to collate all of this into a project for presenting on Wednesday.

As perhaps the most confident drawer in the group, I took on drawing the storyboard. Nia said she would visit her grandmother and take some photographs of the shots we discussed in the coming days and photoshop them appropriately. Anne will make a animatic using the new photographs and storyboard images. On Friday, we will all meet in uni to put together all of the work we have done and to create the final presentation and rehearse.








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