BrandWorld: Second Feedback

Since my last feedback session with Ian, I have pretty much completely started from scratch and rebranded by company again. Taking on the comments from the last group feedback, I decided that it might be best to try out some of the alternative routes I sketched when generating initial thoughts and ideas. Going right back to the start, reconsidering previously discarded ideas and revisiting the brief in detail was useful in making sure that there was nothing I had missed, and in opening up new ideas to pursue. I first designed business stationary for three separate ideas, to see which I liked the best and would carry forwards. I decided that I would carry on with the idea of using bunting and a blue tiered cake as the base for the visual language with a white background. I think that when designing something, it is easy to feel that you need to cover white space with colour, however I have found from redesigning this brand that the use of the white background looks clean, fresh and professional, as the cake company would want their brand to come across. I have chosen for this a slightly wider colour palette than the standard pastel blue and pink I was using previously. I now have a bank of 4 colours; 3 shades of pink and the original pastel blue. I wanted to apply my visual language for the brand to more appropriate touch points than I did originally. First time around, I created business stationary, a boat sail (as requested on the brief), t-shirts, cake boxes and fliers. This time, I will design business stationary, an apron, a cake box, a cake bag, and a delivery van.

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I showed Ian what I had designed and he gave me the following feedback for improvements:

  • Experiment with changing the blue tiered cake slightly to emphasise the idea of tiers, perhaps have a slightly gap between each tier
  • Come up with a more suitable strapline – ‘have your cake and eat it’ too formal and aggressive and ‘getting married? piece of cake!’ too informal and playful. Emphasise hand made element of brand
  • Explore the bunting idea further
  • Begin to think about and assemble final PDF







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