S4C: Pitch to S4C Clients

On Monday, we delivered our pitch to Owen and Ian and we all feel it was a success. They were very complimentary of our work and said we were the most prepared group they had seen in terms of presentation and the amount of ident mockups we had created. They advised that for the real pitch on Wednesday we rehearse our lines more so that we are less reliant on cue cards and they also suggested that we include perhaps one more 5 second ident which has a more humorous or cheeky undertone; they suggested of a child stealing a Welsh cake of a counter top and then running away. We created this 5 second ident on Tuesday ready for Wednesday.

Today was our pitch to S4C’s representatives and we are all happy with how it went! Everyone spoke confidently without too much use of cue cards and the clients seemed to really like our animatics and photoshopped mock ups of end boards and break bumpers. I think our presentation was a success and was a credit to how well we worked as a team. Our cooperation with one another and the teamwork that went into what we created was essentially what allowed us to make something which we were all proud of. We managed to utilise everyone’s strengths within the project to output the best work we could as a collective. We generated ideas together as a group, Nia took the photographs and video clips we used, I drew the storyboard and all of the drawings we needed, Zach edited the end boards, Anne created all of the videos we created and together as a whole group we created the presentation. During the pitch in front of S4C, it was clear we were all much more nervous than the Monday pitch for Ian and Owen, and so there were some things which we had wanted to say and explain which got left out due to nerves. Despite this, the presentation was a success and our clients were complimentary of our idea. They said it was very S4C and was of a similar style to what S4C already has on their channel so would fit in well. They also said it was an idea which could be tailored to other occasions such a Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. We were glad we listened to Owen and Ian and included the idea they suggested, as this in particular was something the clients seemed to like. We are unsure of whether S4C might choose to pursue our idea, though I believe either way we will be happy. We have created something we are all happy with and proud of, and so being chosen by S4C would only be a bonus. Speaking to other groups, it is clear there is a massive range of ideas across all ten groups. All ten ideas focus on a different thing and have taken a completely different approach; some wild and wacky and others focusing on more ordinary but familiar themes. It completely depends on how S4C want to approach this St David’s Day. Our idea might be more appropriate if they want something which will fit into their current theme of idents, though other ideas would be much more appropriate if they want something completely different visually.

Overall, I have enjoyed this project. In the past I have not enjoyed group work as I have previously been put in groups that are not motivated to do well, do not work well together or fail to turn up to university all together. I know that this has been the case for some other groups on this project, which has been difficult for some of my friends, however all five members of our group worked well together and were motivated to succeed and do well. I would work within this group again. I enjoyed branding an event, different to branding a company as we are elsewhere in Subject and I learnt a lot about St David’s Day and Welsh culture, as well as a lot about working in a group. In a group there has to be equal effort and cooperation for the group to work, multiple strong personalities and compromise. You can’t push one idea if everyone isn’t invested. With just one strong personality, it is easy for their to become a team leader dynamic, which should not be how a group works. With multiple strong personalities, everyone has their say and contributes and together finds an outcome which includes everyone. I feel our group did this successfully, and though the idea we developed may not have been what we would have done if we had done the project as individuals, it worked well for us as a collective.








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