Penguin Competition: Loneliness

To kick off the beginning of the Penguin Book Cover Competition, we were given a mini project in which we had to find an interesting existing book cover and analyse it. My group chose ‘loneliness’ by John T. Cacioppo and William Patrick.

We chose it for it’s simplicity, and the way in which it embodies the definition of the title through expressive typography. The dot of the ‘i’ placed off on its own evokes ideas of loneliness and the white negative space around this area enforces this concept further. The book is a non-fiction research book including the findings of social neuroscientist John T. Cacioppo on the effects of loneliness  on human beings. For this reason, the front cover is perfect in illustrating the contents of the book. The red band across the lower third of the page separates two parts of text, further enforcing ideas of loneliness and separation. There is good hierarchy on the page, the title being the main focal point and leading the eye down the page as the text reduces in size the further down the page you get. I feel this piece of design is simple but incredibly effective in illustrating the context of the book itself as well as mirroring the tone of the non-fiction writing.


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