Morocco: Schedule

Next Tuesday, I will be travelling to Marrakech as part of Field, and so over Christmas I have been working on a schedule for the week we are in Morocco. After I decided to choose this module for Field, my parents bought me a guide book for Marrakech. It is full of maps and information about everything that you could possibly want before going to a place with the intention of absorbing the culture. Using this book, the advice of others and the internet, I have compiled a schedule of places I would like to visit and things I would like to do.

Tuesday 24th January

Coach to Bristol, flight to Marrakech and coach transfer to hotel. Explore surroundings on foot and find places to eat. Travelling is tiring, but it is important to not waste any time in Marrakech. I imagine we will spend a large portion of this day travelling and getting settled and sorted at the hotel. It would be nice to speak to our hotel hosts and university leaders for advice and recommendations and possibly to begin exploring the surroundings. We will have to find somewhere to eat and so will hopefully get to walk around for a while before it gets dark.

Wednesday 25th January

On the timetable sent to us, it says we will be having a tour from 9am-6pm of the places listed below. I spoke with a friend who visits Marrakech frequently who said that this will probably be a walking tour around the area. I think it will be good to have a tour of a lot of what is available and of interest in Marrakech, so that we can decide what we would most like to further explore through the week.

  • –  Bahia Palace
  • –  The Saadian dinasty Tombs
  • –  Medersa Ben Youssef
  • –  The Koutoubia minaret
  • –  Jamaâ El Fna Square
  • –  The souks

Thursday 26th January

I would love to visit the Jardin Majorelle, which I read was “ Marrakech” by Yves Saint Laurent. The ‘Lonely Planet’ guide to Marrakech says “Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Berge bought the electric blue villa and its garden to preserve the vision of its original owner…Jacques Majorelle.” The art deco studio is home to the Berber Museum, which I feel would enhance my understanding of Moroccan culture as it homes artefacts of traditional costumes, materials, textures and colours. I would be excited to visit the mirrored chamber in which a collection of jewels can be seen. I would also love to visit the room displaying the YSL ‘Love Posters’ behind the museum.

Friday 27th January

A different Moroccan experience I would like to explore is a Hammam, which is both something I have never experienced before and something that sounds very enjoyable, self indulgent and a treat. I have done some research on public and private Hammam’s and so would like to ask our hosts in Marrakech about what they would suggest.

Saturday 28th January

I am excited to visit the Moroccan souks and to buy some beautiful patterned and textured fabrics and materials. I feel that this is where I will probably most gain an understanding of the nickname ‘The Pink City’, which is given to Morocco for its vibrance and colour. I hope there is opportunity for shopping!

Sunday 29th January

The Musee de Marrakech looks like a beautiful place to visit, a former palace filled with dazzling ceramics and patterns. From research, the interior design sounds like something I wouldn’t want to miss and has been described as a ‘photographer’s dream. I think this would be a great place to visit to get an authentic feel of Moroccan culture and the range of beautiful artworks that is produced in such a range of different forms and materials.

Monday 30th January

I am keen to visit a henna cafe and have an authentic Moroccan henna done. I love the patterns created on the skin and am excited to have the experience of having this done.

Tuesday 31st January

Sadly, we return home!








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