Morocco: Pecha Kucha Presentation

Below are the slides from the pecha kucha I presented at the end of the Morocco field project. A petcha kucha is a presentation which changes slides automatically after 20 seconds. It is 20 slides long, each slide appearing on screen for 20 seconds. I had never presented a pecha kucha before, and so this was a challenge for me. It was difficult to fill 20 seconds on some slides and difficult to cut down what I wanted to say down to 20 seconds on others.

Alongside my pecha kucha, I gave the following explanation:

Before visiting Marrakech, I didn’t know what to expect. Research only made me more nervous, reading other peoples experiences in the souqs and in the square. With a lack of understanding and experience of the culture of Morocco and the Islamic religion, I was scared to offend. However, upon arriving in Morocco I was pleasantly surprised. Marrakech was full of vibrant colour and pattern, everything I expected and more. Everything was different – everything from food to road safety to clothes to building materials, very little in Morocco resembled home. As Mark said in his lecture about Morocco in literature, it is a liminal place, neither Western nor traditional and so is somewhere in between, undefinable. I found this a good description when I was in Morocco. Before visiting Morocco, I had looked up the Majorelle Gardens and knew it was going to be somewhere I would love. Looking back on the week study trip, the Majorelle Gardens were my favourite. I couldn’t believe the vibrance of the house as well as the botanical plants. The weather was beautiful, making every photograph as stunning as it could possibly be. Having researched the Majorelle Gardens before visiting Morocco, I knew there was a YSL gallery of LOVE posters hidden at the back of the gardens. The posters were New Year gifts to his employees and were inspired by things in his life that he loved. He used primarily collage but also other techniques. Back at home after the Morocco trip I decided to base my project on the LOVE gallery and Majorelle Gardens as this is what inspired me the most and was my favourite part of the trip. In the print workshop, I created my first attempt at silk painting. I copied one of my favourite posters from the LOVE collection using black gutter and pink ink. I experimented with the heat press, my favourite technique from the print workshops. The vibrance of Morocco is something which I would like to attempt to capture in my work, and so the means of print which generates the brightest colour is the one which I will use for some of my posters. Here I have painted patterns similar to those drawn by the henna artists to experiment with colour. This shows the difference in colour between the painting on the paper and the print on the fabric. The inks used for the heat press create the brightest and most vibrant colours of the techniques I have tried, and so I will use this one more in future. I want to use the patterns I have created to design my own LOVE posters covering the years from Yves Saint Laurent’s death until now, 2008 to 2017. I will use a variety of patterns and colours that have inspired me throughout the week long trip to Morocco. I intend on creating them using the heat press and I will also use my photographs taken in Morocco and Photoshop to create others. Here I have scanned the piece of fabric printed I on and I have experimented with the colour balance, hue, saturation and vibrance on Photoshop. The original print was blue and yellow, though I was disappointed with the blue after printing as I was attempting to achieve the shocking blue of the Majorelle Garden’s house. This is the final outcome for one of the posters. This is a scan of the fabric, hence why it is slightly more textured and blurred. I scanned the fabric and adjusted the levels on Photoshop to enhance the colours. I painting the COEXIST design from the bag I bought from the women’s social enterprise. This design is for the year 2017 as the topic of COEXISTING seems a relevant one. Here I experimented with a different print I created. For this I used observations of palm leaves from the Garden’s and printed it onto suede. I played with the colours in Photoshop again but decided the original pink but slightly enhanced is my favourite, sticking to the idea of The Pink City. Left to right is the paper I painting onto, the print onto the fabric and the final outcome. I found a quote from YSL’s lover that spoke of joining him one day under the Moroccan palms. This element of Moroccan nature was obviously important to them both and so I included this quote on the poster. I wanted to create the illusion that the text is underneath the palms with the shadow of the palms resting on top. I hope use hand written calligraphy for this as the project progresses. For this I experimenting with clipping masks on Photoshop to allow the image underneath to shine through the lettering. I wanted the word LOVE and the year to be the only thing here as they are the words essential for the posters. I like how this one looks, as you can only see part of the pattern where the letters allow. I did a similar thing for this one, using the palm leaf print. I think you are able to get an idea of what the image underneath is without seeing the full image. I like the mix of shades of pink, representing the pink city, and the splashes of green and blue which I added when repeating the print. This is a repeat pattern I created on Photoshop using the first print I did using the heat press. I think this print worked well, and I wanted to go on to use it for a poster. I think the red and purple work well here with the white background and so I will stick to these colours for the type. On the left, there are different arrangements of poster using the word LOVE and the year 2010. I experimented with red and purple text over the top, using a font similar to that used throughout Yves Saint Laurent’s work. On the right is the final poster which is my favourite. I used red type on an opacity of 80% so the patterns were visible through the lettering. At the Handicapped Women’s Social Enterprise, I loved the tiny coloured details added to the clothes, most often in the form of small embroidered circles. I wanted to use these colours and the circular shape to create one of the posters. I decided to use the six colours found on this top in particular – red orange yellow green blue purple. These are the icons I created for this poster. I used my own photographs from Morocco, choosing elements of photographs that had a lot of pattern. The photographs feature walls, gates, floors, archways, and doorways in Marrakesh. I adjusted the colour levels to get the desired colours. These posters show arrangements of the coloured circles with the word LOVE and the year 2015. My favourite is the blue circle, hence why it is the largest. It was taken from an archway in Marrakesh. The colour change emphasizes the highlights and shadows created by the sun in the photograph, also featuring elements of pink. I used the whole photo in the middle poster. The study trip to Morocco was an amazing experience and has inspired me to use more colour and pattern in my work. I know that my experiences will flow through my subject work, Moroccan influences hopefully being evident in my next project.



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