Constellation Formative Feedback

Having received feedback from Cath on my constellation formative essay, I now know what it is that I need to improve on going into my dissertation proposal. My feedback pointed out that I successfully presented “a coherent argument that is supported by evidence from specific examples”, showing my understanding of “the key concepts in relation to Harley Quinn.” I am always worried about my referencing and bibliography, though these were both fine and on track here. It is clear that I could have conducted more contextual research beyond the material provided in the study group in order to add more depth to ideas, and this is something I will definitely do in the future. A consistent point is the lack of in depth exploration of some of the ideas and theories included in the essay, that I could have delved much further into the key concepts in order to expose further meaning. Cath reminded us all to always support comments with academic sources in order to avoid making general sweeping statements, summarise findings about visual and material culture and to consider what the implications of these findings are on my own practice. I received a low 2:1 equivalent for this essay, though I hope to achieve much higher in both my dissertation proposal and dissertation. Being consistently average is frustrating, and I will do everything I can and work hard to succeed in this essential element of my final degree mark.

Beginning my dissertation journey, I am already reading everything I can and making endless notes. I am desperately searching for my angle, waiting for the epiphany to hit me, though I’m sure it will end up being far less angelic when I drag the idea from the depths of my brain. I’ll get there. Time is ticking and the proposal deadline is just 55 days away with 4000 words to write. Writing this from a train, I hope that by the time I am able to upload it, I will know exactly what I want to write about any what my angle will be. Help.

UPDATE: I have read more and thought long and hard about my dissertation topic, weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of each potential topic. All of my potential topics have something in common – they are all looking at the role or representation of women in some way. I have decided to look at the history of women’s rights campaigns and protesting through the past 50 years and how it may change in the future. I will also attempt to assess the influence of graphic communication design on the women’s rights movement and the changes to the lives of women since the 1960s.


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