Persuasion: Ideation

I have developed three initial concepts in answer to the brief set by Size of Wales. Each will include multiple applications and have a visual language throughout, working simultaneously with Size of Wales existing campaigns but also appearing as a separate campaign to what has gone before.

My first idea is to create imagery using watercolour painting. I will experiment with perhaps using the heat press as this creates the bright and vibrant colours resonant with the rainforest, and the scans of these pieces of printed fabric will create an interesting texture when printed onto paper. These could also exist as a piece of fabric and work as a sort of wall hanging, similar to those created in the traditional cultures of the countries in which Size of Wales do their work. I want to use bright colour, drifting slightly from their limited colour palette to convey the vibrance and variety in plants and wildlife in the tropical forests and what the world would be missing out on if they continue to be torn down. To achieve this, I will use bright colour and pattern. In this style, I hope to create an infographic poster, as the client has requested as a minimum, and in addition an annual report, a series of posters and imagery for social media.

My second idea will use simplistic line drawings and illustrations using just black line with elements of the Size of Wales orange and green. Both the colour theme and the imagery will be minimalistic, however will hopefully emit the message powerfully. For this concept I would hope to create an infographic and an animation, bringing some of the facts supplied to us on the brief to life. This animation would be reasonably short, working on social media such as instagram and twitter for interaction with the young adult age range. This, too, will use simple line drawings and be animated to look like a flip book.

My third idea uses photography of wildlife and forestry with the facts and figures embedded into the images. I would like to explore playing around on photoshop with these images, which I would take myself, removing certain parts of the photographs to illustrate the rate at which the rainforest is disappearing and what is left once it is gone – nothing. I would like to experiment with hand written type on these images in conjunction with Size of Wales own fonts to give a more personal, rough and hands-on feel to the work. I hope to experiment with the lazer cutter and using a craft knife to cut out the elements of the poster I would like to make disappear, so that there is a physical hole in the poster when hung up or looked through, to show the missing element. I would like to create an annual report using these real photographs but using an element of interest and surprise, for example a pop-up page using paper folding techniques, or a series of pages on which the rainforest physically grows and shrinks as the pages turn.

I will explore all of these ideas further and choose one to pursue through to the deadline.


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