Persuasion: Client Meeting Prep & Feedback

Ahead of the midway client meeting on the 14th, I decided to develop to good point of visualisation one of my concepts. I have created moodboards for all three and done detailed sketches, however I decided to carry one through to execution. I chose the idea that was my favourite and I felt was the strongest and most different to the ideas of my peers. I decided to pursue my first idea from my ‘Ideation’ post:

“My first idea is to create imagery using watercolour painting. I will experiment with perhaps using the heat press as this creates the bright and vibrant colours resonant with the rainforest, and the scans of these pieces of printed fabric will create an interesting texture when printed onto paper. These could also exist as a piece of fabric and work as a sort of wall hanging, similar to those created in the traditional cultures of the countries in which Size of Wales do their work. I want to use bright colour, drifting slightly from their limited colour palette to convey the vibrance and variety in plants and wildlife in the tropical forests and what the world would be missing out on if they continue to be torn down. To achieve this, I will use bright colour and pattern. In this style, I hope to create an infographic poster, as the client has requested as a minimum, and in addition an annual report, a series of posters and imagery for social media.”

This is my favourite idea because I feel it plays on my strengths – a hand painted/written element. My strengths lie much more in hand created elements than digitally created, and I am drawn to work which has a hand rendered element. I think this adds personality to the piece and looks much more personal, loved, and worked on than something completely digital, though digital creations can look more impressive. I believe it is completely relative to the client, and for Size of Wales, this hand created element works. The overall aim of the work we are creating for them is to encourage people to take ownership over their planet and to want to get involved. We are trying to translate a subliminal message to the audience that it is their responsibility to help to save the rain forest and that it is also not difficult to achieve great things and make a big change. We discussed as a group the tone of the campaign – we are not trying to tell people off for the things they are doing, but to suggest things they could do to make small changes in their lives that make a huge impact on the situation in South America and Africa. The colour and hand drawing I want to use in this concept aims to show the audience what the world would be missing out on if the rainforests were to disappear completely, encouraging them to want to do something.

I started experimenting with colour and composition on posters to see how the colours would work and if my drawings and paintings worked effectively. I created the two below, which I will show to the client. I also began creating the imagery for the infographic, and so though I have not put this into a layout properly yet, I will show her these icons tomorrow to get Claire’s opinion on them.

Below is the presentation I will show to Claire tomorrow as I talk through my ideas:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The first three slides show the mood boards I have taken inspiration from, particularly inspired by the vibrant colour and thick, painted type. I also looked at some infographics, booklets and ways of expressing information that I would like to take inspiration from. I will then show the initial posters I have created. The placement of the logo is not final an was just put on there to see how it works with the colour and composition. I wanted Claire’s opinion on these, as both drift slightly from their brand guidelines – the one on the left using colours outside of their guidelines and the one on the right using a hand rendered type, obviously not mentioned in their brand guidelines. Then I will show the collection of icons I have drew/painted and scanned, sticking to the brand guidelines for colour and font. On the right is an idea I will explain. I hope to create a sort of ‘annual report’ letting contributors to the charity know what has been done with their money over the course of the last year. I liked this idea and thought I could develop it to be at the beginning of my report, each page having a rainforest scene on, so that as the pages are turned the rainforest gets bigger and bigger, a metaphor for what is happening as a result of the work of Size of Wales. This is an idea I need to trial and develop.

Feedback from Claire, Size of Wales Director

Our client meeting with Claire went well – she was very positive about all of our work and was keen to see the final outcomes of our work in two weeks. She said she liked the green poster I created and didn’t seem to mind that I had drifted slightly from the brand guidelines, not ignoring them completely but using additional elements which were not on there. Claire said she liked simplistic icons for infographics, as we had seen from the very helpful folder she sent over including infographics she thought were successful, and some that she thought were not so good. She was positive about everything we had created, and while this makes it difficult to know which elements of our work are not so good, it means we are all going in the right direction. Aimee, from the Twice the Size of Wales project came over to have a brief look at our work and said she was happy too; both groups were working well!



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