Digital Me: An Introduction

This term, we are working on making ourselves desirable to employers by working on a number of platforms to show case our work. We will be producing a CV, introductory email, PDF portfolio and an online portfolio, as well as the usual final outcome and R&D PDFs for each project this year so far. While this is seems a large amount of work, this is an excited and extremely appropriate project, forcing me to get done things which I have been meaning to do for so long but have not had the time to do well. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to change and edit past projects to make them better, as looking back on them now it is easy to see where they could be improved.

Having a house style is important to recognising continuity across our work. It is difficult to establish and apply a house style without first having the content to input into the portfolio, and so I will first be working on ‘perfecting’ my work and writing my CV.

It is amazing and hilarious to look back on the last CV I wrote, last time I went for a job around four years ago. I had no skills or knowledge in design, it was written on a word document and included just about every thing we have learnt in the past few sessions is predictable, boring and does nothing to help me stand out in a pile of CVs. I really want to get a move on with this project and get close to finishing well before the deadline, as the resources I will be producing will be essential in securing more work placements in the summer.

Today I had a tutorial with Neil. With only a few pages of initial layout sketches, we talked through my ideas down to some of the smallest details to discuss their relevance in conveying ourselves to the employer, or whoever may be viewing my CV. We discussed do’s and don’t’s, the use of colour and house styles, as well as how to make the work speak for itself. The most important thing Neil pointed out was that we are trying to get across who we are as people, not as graphic designers. When I asked about including skills that may not be directly related to graphic design, he pointed out that everything is related somehow if we have learnt from it, because it has contributed to who we are as people. Companies hire people, so it is important to come across as one.




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