Digital Me: CV

After extremely helpful tutorials and lectures with Neil and Matt, it is clear there are do’s and don’t’s of portfolios and CVs. Some I have learnt are:

  • Don’t speak too informally, neither use too much complicated language which is forced
  • Don’t measure your skills using a graph/rating, just state your skills
  • Though some experience is more obviously relevant than others, all work experience teaches transferable skills and so briefly mention it all
  • Mention things which set you apart, e.g knowing multiple languages or having a black belt in martial arts
  • Landscape works better on screen, portrait in physical form
  • Keep it short and concise!!
  • No longer than 1 page for a CV
  • Think about the order of projects on your portfolio – start and finish strong
  • Make navigation simple
  • Showcase the work
  • Never have your website under construction
  • Only have a blog if you’re going to keep it updated
  • Have information about yourself, maybe a photo
  • Be clear about your particular passions
  • Don’t lie!!

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