Digital Me: Progress

The start of this project has felt like a bit of a mad rush. There is one particular work placement for the summer that I have been waiting to apply for, because I did not yet have a design CV or portfolio. Therefore, this project has been a massive help in giving me the time I have felt like I previously could not find to develop my online presence and portfolio so that I could make myself known to people in the industry and be proud of what I was putting out. Within the space of a few days, I threw together a CV and began my online portfolio and sent it out. The bad news was, despite reading through it ONE MILLION TIMES, I still found 3 typos when I revisited it a week later. Annoying. The good news was, my dad knows the creative director, who said my work looked ‘quite good’ and would get one of his team to contact me about an informal interview. I realise that is kind of cheating, but I am excited about it all the same!

I (obviously) went back over my CV and have actually now changed the majority of it. The one I sent to that creative director was a long way better than my previous CV before that, made about 5 years ago on Microsoft Word so I’m not too gutted about the errors to be honest. It could have been worse.

I’m really happy with how my online portfolio is going and I’m enjoying how it looks. I found a theme straight away which was exactly what I was looking for, though now I am intrigued to try others. I have made it on wordpress, which I believe to be a brilliant and easy to use platform, though I think I will try out some others now that I don’t have the rush to just make something and get it out to someone.

My house style kind of just happened. I have chosen to use red as my colour with everything else being white or black. When I planned out all the work I wanted in my portfolio, I noticed they all used red. Somehow I have subliminally and unintentionally always used some sort of red. I also have used a lot of hand written type, so maybe that is something I will do less of in future in order to show more versatility. The fonts I have used in my CV are avenir for the titles in capital letters and minion pro for the body text. I wanted a bold, strong sans serif for my titles in capital letters so this works well. I knew I wanted a serif for the body text and so this standard typeface works well too. I feel a serif typeface is more professional looking, and the fact both are quite standard typefaces mean they are less offensive, less open to criticism and more legible and easily readable than other, maybe prettier, but wilder choices.

I have drawn layouts for all of the PDF’s which need doing. This, while being an incredibly useful and essential job, was I can’t like procrastination from a job which actually really needs doing. That job is my branding project. There are changes I know I need to make and think will make it look much better, but I am just struggling at the moment to bring myself to do it. Soon I will run out of other jobs and will just have to do it, so it will get done!



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