Digital Me: More Progress

I have now begun using my layout plans to start creating my research and development PDFs for the deadline. I always quite enjoy putting these together as I often draw so many sketches and plans, and have so many discarded ideas close to finish that it is clear (I hope) to see my process and train of thought.

Since my last post I have sent off and received a reply from the work experience placement I was applying to. My portfolio has been shortlisted and I have to attend an interview day in July. I have no idea what this will involve and I am quite terrified, but it is exciting and flattering to be shortlisted, especially as it was the creative director who saw my portfolio!!

My online portfolio is still far from finished. I hope that it will be must cleaner and more professional as I continue to develop it so I can get it to a point where I am completely happy with it, and can then just add more projects as I design things of a high enough standard. I need to tackle my PDF portfolio, though before I begin this I want to have all of the projects that will be going on to it completely finished and to a standard I am happy with. I have edited all of the projects that will be on my portfolio in the time between the actual original submission and now – it is amazing how little time I could spend on first year projects to complete change them to look so much better, when I really thought I was creating the best work I could last year. I think this is a measure of my progress and it does make me proud of what I have achieved so far at University. Of second year projects, I have completely redone my Penguin book cover (twice) and made slight tweaks to my persuasion project. I still need to make changes to my branding. I have lots of ideas going around in my head, and though I know changes need to be made, I have not been hit by the lightening bolt of how to make it better. I am going to continue with the other tasks in hand and come back to branding at a later date.


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