Digital Me: Penguin Update

Below is my new penguin book cover. It almost doesn’t feel like my own work as it is quite different from what I would usually choose to do. Looking back at my other attempts, this one stands out as different in terms of colour and style. I am not sure as to how effective this book cover is, though it is much better and more clear than any of my other attempts at this concept. All of my other designs used predominantly red, and so I tried using blue (and a little bit of red). Though red represents danger, blood and anger, blue works well with my idea in presenting innocence, fear and darkness.

I drew the rabbits using a graphics tablet and pen. For the spine, I typed the necessary information and then, on a new layer, scribbled in the same style in the same few blue shades used around the lettering, filling the spine. Afterwards, I deleted the type, leaving the pattern with the recognisable font, just slightly original and jagged. The idea originated from a quote in the book referring to one of the murderers: “he goes shooting with David sometimes. After rabbits, mostly.” This quote stuck with me because he goes on to shoot a family of four. The rabbits represent the innocence of the family, unable to fight back against a premeditated attack.



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